"At Home" Workouts

Aquamoves "At Home" Workouts

The Aquamoves Fitness Instructors are here to keep you active with our  "at home" workouts.

Choose from the selection of workout videos below. 

If you have any questions don't hesitate to reach out to experienced instructors by emailing customerservice@aquamoves.com.au.

Balloon Game with Aquamoves Active Kids

2 April 2020

Scotty and Tess are back with another entertaining Aquamoves Active Kids game! It's loads of fun and will help your kids use up some of their excess energy!

Score 24 with Aquamoves Active Kids!

31 March 2020

Something to keep the kids occupied! Scotty and Tess come to the rescue with an Aquamoves Active Kids game - SCORE 24!

Free Personalised Home Workout Programs

30 March 2020

Here's Kazzy to remind you all that we can help!

If you're struggling with motivation or direction when it comes to your workout routine, please reach out to us! Our Gym Instructors can create a free personalised Home Workout Program for you.

Just email customerservice@aquamoves.com.au and we'll get one organised for you.

Louise explains Les Mills On Demand

29 March 2020

To help you stay active we’ve teamed up with Les Mills to give you free access to a range of online workouts.

Les Mills On Demand offers more than 100 free workouts across 10 categories, from classic programs such as BodyPump and BodyCombat through to mindfulness exercises and even Born To Move activities designed to keep kids active.

Simply click here to get started.

The site will remain active for as long as the COVID-19 disruption continues.

Ladder Workout

28 March 2020

Tabata Workout

26 March 2020

It's Tabata Workout time!

Our Fitness Instructor Joe explains how Tabata works in the introduction of this video and then Fitness Instructors Scotty and Tegan take you through the moves!

To help track your work and rest times, head to: bit.ly/TabataTimerMarch2020

Leg Circuit

25 March 2020

Aquamoves Fitness Instructor Scotty takes you through a Leg Circuit. Remember, don't miss leg day!

Core Workout

24 March 2020

Here's Joe and Tegan with a simple "At Home" Core Workout to keep you going. Tegan's using a milk bottle filled with water for resistance.

Creative Workout Time With Scotty

23 March 2020

It's times like these we have to get creative! Working out at home without all the equipment can be difficult, but not impossible. Aquamoves Fitness Instructor Scotty throws out the challenge for people to video their best (or most entertaining) home workout.

Cardio Fitness Tips with Scotty

22 March 2020

Here's our Fitness Instructor Scotty with some ideas to keep you active today.

Keeping fit with every day activities

21 March 2020

Don't forget to keep getting 30 minutes of exercise each day!

Aquamoves may not be open at the moment, but there are lots of other ways you can keep active. Our Fitness Instructor Joe has some advice for you in this video.

Cardio Circuit

20 March 2020