Fitness/Health Tips

At home exercise ideas for Over 60s with Lyn

6 May 2020

Our Over 60s Fitness Instructor Lyn has dropped by with some quality at home exercise advice for older adults.

Greater Shepp's Shared Pathway Network with Scotty

5 May 2020

You can enjoy the beauty our region has to offer, along with the benefits of exercising in nature, by trying out Greater Shepparton’s shared pathways!

Whether you're seeking a leisurely ride for the family, a scenic bush walk or the ultimate off-road experience, our region has it all.

Download the guides here and enjoy getting active outdoors.

Creative Workout Time With Scotty

23 March 2020

It's times like these we have to get creative! Working out at home without all the equipment can be difficult, but not impossible. Aquamoves Fitness Instructor Scotty throws out the challenge for people to video their best (or most entertaining) home workout.

Cardio Fitness Tips with Scotty

22 March 2020

Here's our Fitness Instructor Scotty with some ideas to keep you active today.

Keeping fit with every day activities

21 March 2020

Don't forget to keep getting 30 minutes of exercise each day!

Aquamoves may not be open at the moment, but there are lots of other ways you can keep active. Our Fitness Instructor Joe has some advice for you in this video.

Aquamoves Online Workouts and Fitness Tips with Mayor Seema Abdullah

Monday 13 April 2020