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Youth Memberships - Aquatic - Aquamoves - 18 November 2020-3

Exercise is fundamental to a healthy body and mind. Developing good habits early sets the stage for a life-time of wellbeing.

Aquamoves is pleased to offer our youth community a supportive and fun environment. Our gym is accessible to all persons over the age of 14, however those under the age of 18 will require parental consent.

A personalised health and well-being program and coaching sessions are included to ensure you achieve your goals safely.

A pre-screening questionnaire will be completed to identify any health issues. You may require medical clearance before commencing.

Why Aquamoves?

We support members wherever they may be on their fitness journey. We aim to get you strong, healthy, happy and connected.

Aquamoves offers swimming pools, spas, sauna, splash park, hydrotherapy pool* and gym and group fitness with studios, with a picturesque view of Victoria Park Lake.

We are proud to provide a welcoming and inclusive environment, offering programs and facilities that encourage participation from a diverse range of abilities.

We provide flexibility to our members, offering unlimited suspension and no ‘lock-in’ direct debit contracts.

You can also select the unit(s) that best suit you: Aquatic / Group Fitness / Gym

  Youth Energy
weekly direct debit amount
1 Unit $10.80
2 Units $13.00
3 Units (Full Centre) $14.40

Please note there is a $10 joining fee for direct debit Youth Energy memberships.

Youth energy members are not permitted access to the hydrotherapy, spa and sauna if they are under 16 years.

What next?

To become a Youth Energy Member, please visit the centre and see our friendly customer service team. You'll be asked to provide ID to confirm your student status and if under 18, Parental/Guardian consent (in the form of a signature) will be required at the time of sign-up.

Youth Energy Memberships
Terms and Conditions

Youth Energy Membership Application Form
and Parental/Guardian Consent Form for persons under the age of 18.