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Swimming Lessons - Aquamoves - 13 November 2020-33
  • Term 1: Mon 29 January to Thu 28 March 2024
  • Term 2: Mon 15 April to Sun 30 June 2024
  • Term 3: Mon 15 July to Sun 22 September 2024
  • Term 4: Mon 7 October to Sun 22 December 2024
Note: There will be no swimming lessons and no charges for the following public holidays: Australia Day, Labour Day, Good Friday, Easter Saturday, Easter Sunday, Easter Monday, ANZAC Day, King’s Birthday, AFL Grand Final Public Holiday, Melbourne Cup.

The Aquamoves Swim School operates under the Nationally Accredited Swim and Survive Program. We provide engaging and interactive swim classes for children aged from 6 months, right through to older adults.

Our philosophy is to provide a safe and friendly learning environment for our students and assist them to develop an awareness of potential dangers in and around water, whilst teaching a range of swimming safety and survival skills.

All of our swim teachers are fully qualified and accredited instructors. They are trained to teach a range of classes including; infants, preschool, primary school, people with a disability and adults.

Swimming lessons are held in small groups with class times available 6 days a week from Monday to Saturday. Most lessons are 30 minutes long (some advanced and adult levels run for 1 hour) and are held once a week. Instructors will determine when a child is ready for the next level and a member of the Aquatics team will contact the parent to let them know.

In addition to our standard 30-minute small group lessons, we also offer teenage fitness lessons. These sessions run for one hour, once a week. The aim of these lessons is to improve the endurance and fitness of teenagers.

Lessons are subject to swim instructor availability.

Cancellation Policy

  • Lesson Cancellation
    If a lesson is cancelled, you will be notified via text message and that lesson’s payment will be credited.
  • Contract Cancellation
    If you would like to cancel your swimming lesson’s contract, we require written notice rather than a phone call. Please email: swimschool@aquamoves.com.au
  • 14 Day Cancellation Policy
    In accordance with our cancellation policy, the contract will end 14 days after we receive your written cancellation. During this time, you may have lessons you can attend; payments for these lessons may apply.
  • Direct Debit and Absence Cancellation Policy
    The contract will be automatically cancelled if two consecutive direct debit payments are missed or three consecutive lesson are missed. An email will be sent with details if this occurs.

Cost of lessons

Swimming lessons are set up on a direct debit payment process. The fortnightly amount listed below is deducted from your specified bank account or credit card every second Thursday. A direct debit calendar can be obtained from our Swim School.

Debit amounts will only be deducted to cover classes during School Terms; no school breaks or summer breaks will be deducted since there will not be swimming lessons during these periods.

Please note that payments needs to be done within 2 weeks in advanced and the debit day might be during breaks, but only covering swimming lessons during school Terms.

The direct debit payment process also allows swim school students to use the aquatic facilities outside of their weekly swim lesson time for free, including school breaks and summer break.

In the event that a Swim School member cannot attend 3 consecutive lessons and has a medical certificate, we can credit only 3 lessons. The medical certificate must state the 3 week period.

Lesson Type Direct Debit Cost per Fortnight*
Child and Teenage (30 mins) $33
Level 08 & 09 (1 hour) $41.50
Adult Swim Lesson (30 mins) $41.50
Teenage Fitness (1 hour) $41.50
People With Disability (30 min) $56

* Prices are subject to increase which takes effect 1 July each year.

How Do I Enrol?

Enquire and enrol with our Aquatics Team by phoning (03) 5832 9400 or emailing swimschool@aquamoves.com.au Monday to Friday, 8.30am to 5pm.

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Swim and Survive Program

The Swim and Survive Program is a comprehensive swimming and water safety initiative of Royal Life Saving that seeks to increase the swimming and water safety skills of all Australian children in order to prevent drowning and increase participation in safe aquatic activity.

Aquamoves is proud to be a partner of the Swim and Survive Program, the largest water safety education program in Australia.

Swim and Survive is a fun and dynamic swimming and water safety program that focuses on the development of swimming, personal survival, basic rescue and lifesaving skills. Swim and Survive aims to provide individuals with the required skills to lead safe and active lives in, on and around water.

No matter the level of experience, Swim and Survive is inclusive for everyone at any ability to learn these essential skills.

The comprehensive and balanced curriculum will guide learning through progressive steps, providing an opportunity to grasp the fundamental skills through to advancing to more challenging skills increasing in endurance and complexity.

Aquamoves Supervision Policy

Aquamoves, in conjunction with Life Saving Victoria, follow the Watch around Water supervision plan. This is a mandatory requirement at Aquamoves and should be followed whilst participating in swimming lessons and recreational swimming.

Mandatory WAW Policies

  1. Children under 10 years:
    • Must be accompanied into the Centre by a responsible parent / guardian
    • Must be constantly and actively supervised
    • Parents / guardians must position themselves to have a clear view of the child with no physical or structural
      barriers between them and the child / children
    • Active supervision means being free of distractions such as mobile phones or reading a book or magazine.
  2. Children under 5 years:
    • Must be accompanied into the Centre and the water by a responsible parent / guardian
    • Must stay within arm’s reach during recreational play activities.
  3. Children 10 years old and over:
    • Parents must use their knowledge of an individual child’s swimming ability and general development to determine the level of accompaniment required.

Recommended Policies

For lessons requiring parent participation, children under 10 must be actively supervised in or out of the water. Lifeguards oversee safety, not individual children. As per Life Saving Victoria's policy, anyone with an unsupervised child under 10 years will be asked to leave the class.

  • Children under 10 years: Maximum 1 Parent / Guardian to 4 Children.
  • Children under 5 years: Maximum 1 Parent / Guardian to 2 Children.

Learn to Swim Collection Privacy Notice

Greater Shepparton City Council manages your personal information in accordance with its Privacy Policy and the Privacy and Data Protection Act 2014. Your personal information is collected to process your Aquamoves Learn to Swim membership, communicate with you and provide you with information concerning swim instructor and classes’ updates, promotions and events at Aquamoves. It is disclosed to Aquamoves employees for this purpose and may be disclosed to other areas of Council to administer your membership payment. If you do not provide the requested information we may be unable to process your membership or keep you informed of the latest Learn to Swim classes and events at Aquamoves. To gain access to or update your personal information please contact Aquamoves on 03 5832 9400.