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Wellbeing comes from taking an holistic approach to health, which should be as unique as you are.

Everyone has different requirements when it comes to looking after their health. Aquamoves is proud to offer a highly tailored approach via a wide variety of facilities, in a truly inclusive and supportive environment.

We support members wherever they may be on their fitness journey. We aim to get you strong, healthy, happy and connected.

Aquamoves offers swimming pools, spas, sauna, splash park, gym and group fitness studios, with a picturesque view of Victoria Park Lake.

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We also boast a range of other services for a complete approach to wellness:

  • Allied Health, including physiotherapists and exercise physiologists
  • Verve Café
  • 20 hours a day, seven days a week gym access, for a small one-off fee
  • Free coaching sessions to ensure you are fully supported throughout your health and wellbeing journey
  • We provide flexibility to our members, offering unlimited suspension and no ‘lock-in’ direct debit contracts.

Pricing options

Select the unit(s) that best suit you: Aquatic | Group Fitness | Gym

  Aquamoves Move Your Way
Membership weekly direct debit amount
Aquamoves Move Your Way
Membership 3 months upfront amount*
 1 Unit $15.50 $199.00
 2 Units $18.50 $241.00
 3 Units (Full Centre $20.50 $267.80

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*Upfront memberships can be purchased in 3, 6 or 12 month blocks (eg. 6 months is 2 times the 3 month cost). Please note a joining fee of $50 applies. Terms and conditions apply (see below).

What's included?

Aquatic Unit - Description

Indoor facilities:

  • 25m Pool
  • Leisure Pool 
  • Hydrotherapy Pool
  • Warm Spa
  • Cool Spa
  • Sauna
  • Aqua Aerobic Classes

Seasonal outdoor facilities:

  • 50m Pool
  • Leisure Pool
  • Splash Park

Group Fitness Unit - Description

Access to a suite of group fitness classes varying from the relaxation of Yoga to the intense excitement of RPM (cycling). Classes are presented by our highly motivated instructors ensuring your experience is both fun and safe. Classes run between 30-55 minutes and bookings are not required.

For the full list of class options and descriptions please refer to our current Group Fitness Timetable.

Personalised Health and Wellbeing Sessions, as well as Fitness Programs are included with every membership.

Gym Unit - Description

Cardiovascular Equipment to help you improve general fitness, lose weight and tone.

Resistance Equipment consisting of machine weights designed to help you tone, lose weight and build strength and muscle.

Free Weights for both building and toning, allowing a greater range of movement coordination and stabilising muscle.

Circuit and Personal Training Room provides a more private space where members have access to a mini circuit, boxing tree and open floor area suitable for exercise and stretching.

  • An initial joining fee of $50 and pro-rata (to cover membership until the first direct debit) is to be paid at time of joining.
  • Direct debit payments occur every second Thursday.
  • Membership and pricing effective from July 1st 2023. Pricing is subject to change.

For more information

For further information regarding membership prices and options, please feel free to call and speak with our Customer Service Team who will help you find the right membership.

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