Accessibility Features at Aquamoves

Staying active and healthy is for everyone, which is why Aquamoves is committed to providing a fully accessible environment for all individuals.

We understand that different abilities require different accommodations, and we've designed our facilities with inclusivity in mind.

Effortless entry and movement

  • Ramp access: Navigate the entire facility with ease, from the entrance to the pool decks and gym floor.
  • Pool access:
    • PoolPod: Our innovative PoolPod lift allows you to enter the 25m pool independently, either standing or seated.
    • HydroHoist: Immerse yourself in the warm Hydrotherapy pool with the assistance of our hydraulically operated HydroHoist.

Adaptive fitness options

  • Equipment variety: We offer a diverse range of equipment suitable for various abilities:
    • Modifiable machines: Adapt rowers, hand crank/arm ergometers, and the recumbent bike to your needs.
    • Accessible options: Utilize the Power Tower without handles or foot pads, or find a comfortable position on the SkiErg machine.
    • Multiple benches and seats: Choose from seated and supported options for various exercises.
    • Specialised equipment: Improve your core with the EndlessRope, target specific muscle groups with the Cross-over cable machine, and enhance balance with dedicated tools.
    • Alternative grip and resistance: Use lighter weights, safety barbells, kettlebells with handles, bands, and balance aids.

More than just equipment

Accessibility goes beyond physical features. We believe in creating a welcoming and inclusive atmosphere for all. Our staff is trained to assist individuals with diverse needs and provide modifications to fitness programs.

Ready to make a splash?

Visit us today and experience the difference! We're confident you'll find the perfect aquatic and fitness activities to meet your individual needs and goals.

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