Kids & Teens

Aquamoves Active Kids: Strength and Balance Moves

11 May 2020

In this video, Aquamoves Active Kids Instructor Tess demonstrates some moves that will help kids improve their strength and balance.

Aquamoves Active Kids: Animal and People Impersonating

1 May 2020

This time Scotty and Tegan are here for some energetic animal and people impersonating. Simply get the kids to watch and follow along with the fun!

'Movement Snack' with Joe

22 April 2020

If you’re a student who’s faced with remote learning or you’re someone now working from home, have yourself a ‘Movement Snack’. Sounds tasty right! Joe’s here to take you through it, so check it out, because you’re going to feel tonnes better for doing it!

Teen Remote Learning: Things to avoid while studying

21 April 2020

Teens this is a must watch! Our Fitness Instructor Joe has four quick tips to help you protect your body from long term damage when home learning.

Aquamoves Active Kids: Balloon Game

2 April 2020

Scotty and Tess are back with another entertaining Aquamoves Active Kids game! It's loads of fun and will help your kids use up some of their excess energy!

Aquamoves Active Kids: Score 24

31 March 2020

Something to keep the kids occupied! Scotty and Tess come to the rescue with an Aquamoves Active Kids game - SCORE 24!