High Intensity

HIIT Cardio Circuit with Scotty

14 May 2020

Feeling like a challenge? You'll certainly get one in this short but intense HIIT Cardio Circuit Scotty has created for you.

Mother's Day Workout with Tegan

9 May 2020

Tegan has prepared a special Mother's Day Workout that's sure to get you up and about!

Cardio Workout with Tegan

27 April 2020

Here’s our Fitness Instructor Tegan with a Tabata Cardio Workout to get your heart racing.

Two for one Upper Body Workout with Scotty

24 April 2020

Scotty's here with an awesome dumbbell based Upper Body Workout. Actually this is a two for one deal, with both an EMOM and a Ladder. If you've got no idea what we're talking about, Scotty explains it all in the video, so get on it!

Full Body Workout with Scotty and Tegan

12 April 2020

Aquamoves Fitness Instructors Scotty and Tegan with an awesome Full Body Workout!

Full Body Workout (using a chair) with Tegan

17 April 2020

Our Fitness Instructor Tegan is here with a Full Body Workout you can do using a chair, table or couch.

Ladders Workout with Scotty

28 March 2020

Scotty takes you through an Upper Body Ladder, Lower Body Ladder and a Core Ladder in this intense workout.

Cardio Circuit with Joe and Scotty

20 March 2020