Yoga raises money for local sick and injured kids

Posted on 19 Jun 2017

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It was published in June 2017, so the information may be out-of-date.

An introductory yoga class saw 30 to 40 participants treated to an hour-long session with instructor Craig Veysey during the weekend.

The event raised funds for Give Me 5 For Kids and coincided with the annual celebration of the practice on Wednesday.

Event organiser Jen Scandolera said the idea came to fruition after a group of yoga teachers, including Belinda Beer, Maggie Turner and Rod James, got together.

‘‘It’s an introductory class to encourage people to participate in yoga,’’ she said. Ms Scandolera said yoga was not only beneficial in a physical aspect, but was also important for mental wellbeing.

‘‘These days there’s a lot of drama and yoga brings you out of that and makes you feel more positive,’’ she said.

‘‘Yes it stretches you and gives you improved mobility, but it also makes you feel really peaceful.’’

Mr Veysey told participants it took four to six days to break a habit and it also took the same amount of time to create one.

He said the ‘‘cat-cow’’ pose, which involved being on all fours and depressing and arching the back, was a great one to try eachmorning.

‘‘Even if you just do one thing eachmorning you should do the cat-cow,’’ Mr Veysey said.

‘‘Toxins build up in the spine overnight and we all know a healthy spine means a healthy life.’’

He also suggested the ‘‘salute to the sun’’ poses were a great starting place when it came to a morning routine.

Mr Veysey said the great thing about yoga was there were no winners or losers.

‘‘It’s a journey of self-discovery and selfawareness, so you do it at your own pace,’’ he said.

Article curtesy of the Shepparton News on Monday 19 June 2017. Written by Tara Whitsed. Photo by Ray Sizer.

Class time: Yoga instructor Craig Veysey had an hour-long introductory class.
Class time: Yoga instructor Craig Veysey had an hour-long introductory class.