Riverbank restoration set to secure Aquamoves infrastructure and enhance local landscape

Posted on 11 Jul 2023

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It was published in July 2023, so the information may be out-of-date.

Greater Shepparton City Council will undertake major repair works to a section of riverbank along the Goulburn River, adjacent to the Aquamoves car park, after the October 2022 floods caused significant damage and erosion.

Council’s Director Infrastructure, Gary Randhawa, said the works were not only needed to secure the riverbank, but to ensure the continued safety of the road and car park users.

"We are adapting to the changes in our local environment. We are being proactive in our approach to safeguard infrastructure, while also respecting and working with the natural surroundings,” he said.

“The Engineering Services team is in the final stages of completing the Tom Collins Drive Bank Stabilisation Design. The restoration plan involves two sections of rip rap rock bank stabilisation and the renewal of an existing rip rap section, located next to the drainage pump station.”

For the first time in a Council infrastructure project, the latest drone technology has been employed to survey the riverbank, a move facilitated by the Engineering and Assets Department. The innovative application of drone surveying has yielded significant cost savings and removed safety risks associated with manual surveying in such challenging environments.

A section of footpath near the rip rap will also be removed and revegetated, to reflect Council's commitment to blending infrastructure needs with natural aesthetics and environmental responsibility.

The project, set to be completed in the 2023/2024 financial year, is a joint effort financially supported by the Goulburn Broken Catchment Management Authority and the Victorian Government’s Flood Support Fund.

Interim safety measures for footpath and car park users have been taken in the meantime, with the installation of fencing and bollards, closing off the five Aquamoves parking bays and the loading bay nearest to the riverbank. This has enabled the temporary relocation of the road further from the bank, reducing risk for vehicles and pedestrians. Asset inspectors will monitor the site regularly, ensuring any changes to the bank's stability are addressed.

"We look forward to completing the Goulburn riverbank restoration works and Council appreciates the community's patience during this time,” Mr Randhawa said.

Map of site works showing riverbank along Tom Collins Drive Shepparton, adjacent to Aquamoves.
Map of site works showing riverbank along Tom Collins Drive Shepparton, adjacent to Aquamoves.