From weight loss to a 100km Oxfam Trail Walk: Ingrid Thomas' inspiring fitness journey with Aquamoves

Posted on 28 Feb 2024

Aquamoves member Ingrid Thomas is on a fitness journey that is inspiring those around her. Having shed 37 kilograms since August 2023, Ingrid's story is more than about losing weight; it is a monumental shift from merely surviving daily life, to thriving.

As a mother of three energetic kids (a nine year old and seven year old twins), Ingrid realised she was missing out on precious moments with her children. She vividly recalls the realisation that her fitness limitations were impacting her ability to fully engage in family activities.

“The realisation struck when I found myself saying 'no' to so many different things - I felt like I was the limiting factor for my family,” Ingrid said.

Wednesday 9 August 2023 marked a new beginning for Ingrid. It was a Wednesday just like any other, except on this particular Wednesday Ingrid took a decisive step to prioritise her wellbeing.

"I said to myself, this just needs to be a thing from now on."

Ingrid’s approach was practical and driven by the desire to ‘move the needle’. She turned to the Aquamoves App, searching for low-impact exercises that would suit her fitness level. Deep Water Running and RPM (cycle) became her initial go-to classes, offering a gentle yet effective start to her transformative journey.

Ingrid emphasised the staff's dedication to helping individuals at any fitness level.

“One of the unique aspects I appreciated about Aquamoves was the inclusive and encouraging atmosphere. Everyone was just excited to have you there," she said.

Over the coming weeks and months, Ingrid diversified her fitness routine by exploring various classes like Body Pump and Pilates, focusing on building strength and muscle. She admits that fitting exercise into her busy family and work life was challenging, but she adopted a holistic approach, doing what she could and letting go of perfection.

“Real-life demands sometimes mean missing a class, adjusting workout times or being prepared to try things you might not normally choose,” Ingrid said.

“But the variety of different options at Aquamoves did make this easier.”

Fast forward to today, Ingrid is not just celebrating her weight loss but also her increased energy and capacity to enjoy life. She shares her enthusiasm for now having the ability to enjoy meaningful activities and quality time with her husband and children on a daily basis.

And now, Ingrid is preparing to embark on a new challenge, the 100km Oxfam Trail Walk, alongside her work colleague Megan Howard.

“I am looking forward to the camaraderie, banter and the joy of completing a challenging journey. For me, it is not just a physical challenge either, but a symbol of choosing to face difficulties head-on and emerge stronger,” she said.

Ingrid and Megan will set off for the 100km trek in the Dandenong Ranges at 9.30am this Friday 1 March 2024. To support their efforts, consider donating to the Oxfam cause of ‘building a future without poverty’ here:

And for anyone who might be contemplating their own fitness journey, Ingrid had this to say.

"Remember, we can choose to face and conquer our challenges. But don't be afraid to ask for help. There is no right or wrong formula. Have a go. Show up.”


*Ingrid's fitness journey has been supported by healthy eating choices.