Sporting Clubs

Do you want the edge over every other team out there? Do you want to improve your team's flexibility, co-operation, agility and most importantly your team's fitness?

Aquamoves can help your team to achieve this by offering a number of specific group fitness classes to cater for your sport or chosen activity.

Training in a different environment other than footy field for example will help to reignite your team's competitiveness and on field performance. Classes such as Body Pump and RPM allow your team members to compete against themselves in fun and challenging environment, whilst promoting strength development and cardio fitness.

Aquamoves - Helping you to kick the winning goal.
Aquamoves - Helping you to kick the winning goal.

Recover with a difference, Aquamoves provides a number of different ways to help your team recover. Strengthen, stretch and loosen tight and stiff muscles with a BodyBalance class. BodyBalance combines all the principles of Yoga, Pilates and Tai Chi, results from this class will leave your team feeling relaxed and balanced whilst promoting core strength and flexibilty.

Or arrange for your team to participate in a Deep Water Running Class, which is low impact and places less stress on sore and tired legs. After the class your team can revive with a relaxing hydrotherapy session, swim, spa and sauna.