Breath and Ice Experience

Posted on 30 Nov 2021

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It was published in November 2021, so the information may be out-of-date.

Aquamoves is pleased to welcome back the master of performance breathing, Rich Burrows, for a special Breath and Ice workshop.

This immersive masterclass will combine both theory and practical applications of the three pillars of performance breathing - the FUNCTIONAL, MENTAL and BIOPHYSICAL - in an intimate, supportive and experience-based learning environment.

  • Date: Sunday 12 December 2021
  • Time: 9.00am to 12.00pm
  • Cost: $65 
  • Please bring: Activewear, bathers, towel, yoga mat and a drink bottle.

Specifically, this masterclass will cover:

1) Exercises and drills to develop optimal "breathing mechanics" for both sport and everyday life. If you ever feel unable to take a full breath, have chronically blocked sinuses or find yourself gasping for breath after short burst of activity, these foundations will set you on the path to restoring proper breathing function.

2) A unique and diverse guided exploratory breathing session.  This component will incorporate methods from a number of ancient traditions and modern programs - distilling key principles to show how breathing can be used to control mood, boost energy, enhance clear thinking and ensure restful sleep and recovery.

3) Apnea (breath holding) training methods that will immediately boost aerobic capacity and improve your ability to tolerate higher levels of stress - be it physical, mental or emotional. Too many recreational athletes subscribe to the mantra of 'no pain - no gain'. By learning how to introduce simple breath holding exercises into training, you will unlock tremendous improvements without all the needless suffering.

4) Cold water immersion. With the right mindset and coaching, anyone is capable of overcoming the challenge of 3-5 minutes immersed in freezing cold water.  If you are quick to react to negative events, feelings and emotions, the icebath is a great way to practice using simple breathing techniques to override the automatic stress, anxiety and panic response. 

Richard Burrows is a certified Oxygen Advantage ® instructor and a certified XPT Life ® coach and official affiliate. He applies the very latest performance breathing methods in his role as a CrossFit and high-performance coach and has personally guided hundreds of people through their first cold exposure experience.

With limited places please call us on 5832 9400 to book your spot.