July 2015 Update

An overview detailing the progression of redevelopments occurring during July.

Car Park Redevelopment

As you will have seen, Jarvis Delahey Contractors (JDC) are making great progress with Stage 1 of the car park development. 

  • The ‘L-shape’ parking area is looking great and work is continuing along Tom Collins Drive for the northern parking section. 
  • A retaining wall will soon be constructed along the footpath that runs adjacent to the natural depression.  This wall will provide a long term option to reinstate the levee bank whilst also ensuring minimal impact on the environment
  • Powercor will be undertaking works on July 26 to relocate the stay cables for the power poles.  Following this, JDC will ensure the ‘L-shape’ area is up to a level for use by vehicles, and then they’ll open it up and begin Stage 2.
  • In the excavation works for Stage 1, JDC have come across gas lines, old Telstra pits, a buried red gum stump, buried red gum posts, slabs of concrete and a pot glass from ‘Clarks Hotel’.  So it’s been an interesting process to say the least!

Members and patrons are reminded that during construction there will be a reduction in the number of car parks in close proximity to Aquamoves, which will continue throughout the construction period.  Contractors will undertake works to ensure that the maximum number of car parks can be provided at any one time, however this will cause inconvenience to members and patrons.  We apologise for this inconvenience, however look forward to the completion of the project which will provide a greatly improved car park for members and patrons.

Information on alternate parking options nearby to Aquamoves have been provided, and a temporary light tower has been located south of the roundabout to increase visibility and safety for patrons parking in this area.

Information boards showing the final layout of the car park have been displayed on the temporary fencing in the car park and in the foyer area for members and patrons to check out.  All efforts have been made to maximise the number of parks, traffic flow and pedestrian safety in this design.

Could members and patrons please ensure that you obey traffic management personnel for the safety of yourself and others.

Aquamoves Wet Area, Dry Area and Raymond West Change Rooms and Indoor Pool Concourse

The draft preliminary design has been provided to the Project Team for review and it’s looking great!  In the coming weeks, Aquamoves staff and Crow Constructions will work with the architect to finalise all aspects of the designs, as well as complete the product and colour selections.

The plan will be to undertake the refurbishment of the Dry Area Change Rooms and Raymond West Change Rooms as Stage 1 of the project between late July/early August and the end of September, and the Wet Area Change Rooms and Indoor Concourse refurbishment between late November and end of January as Stage 2.

During the refurbishment of the Dry Area Change Rooms, members and patrons will need to use the Wet Area Change Rooms, temporary onsite units, or shower/change at the home or office.  We appreciate that this will be a change to member’s routines, however the refurbishment period is planned to only be 3 – 4 weeks.  We again apologise for any inconvenience that this may cause. 

Further details on how these works will impact facility operations will be communicated when possible.

Splash Park Shade Sail

MakMax have created a design which will provide a great amount of shade to the south end of the splash park.  The location of the footings have been marked out onsite, and MakMax will begin fabrication of the structure soon.

Works will be undertaken in the off season when the splash park is closed.

2015/2016 Capital Works

In the adopted Council budget, Aquamoves had over $200,000 of projects approved as follows:

  • Raymond West Pool Blanket Renewal
  • Cardio Equipment Renewal
  • Gym Equipment Renewal
  • Minor Building Renewals
  • Minor Furniture and Fittings Renewal

In addition to the car park, change room and shade sail projects, we look forward to delivering these in the near future.