November 2014 Update

Bike Parking

A secure bike parking facility located near the Aquamoves building has been available for use since November 2014.

$92,500 was put toward its creation, with local company Trevaskis Engineering overseeing the construction.

The structure provides 26 spaces for secure bike storage and will service Aquamoves patrons and community members visiting the Victoria Park Lake Precinct; promoting the active living message.

Aquamoves members gain automatic access to the parking with their Aquamoves membership cards, whilst community members can obtain bike shelter access cards by visiting Aquamoves reception.

A temporary issue with the system may mean that some barcode cards don't provide access. We're working to rectify this issue as soon as possible.

Please also note that:

  • Visit Passes currently won't be able to access the bike parking - please see reception to obtain a card
  • Very old cards won't work - please see reception to obtain a new card
  • When you scan your card at the bike parking, you'll need to wait a few seconds for the gate to ‘click' and then you'll be able to open it

Please see Aquamoves reception if you are unable to access the facility or have any questions.

Car Park Lighting Upgrade

$245,000 has been allocated to upgrade the lighting in the Aquamoves Car Park. This will provide a safer environment for our customers using the facility in the early morning or at night.

Car Park Redevelopment

$400,000 has been allocated to stage one of a two stage redevelopment project for the Aquamoves Car Park.

These upgrades will include:

  • Retention of the existing car park with an upgrade to sealed and line marked parks
  • Optimal traffic flow
  • Approximately 160 formalised car parks
  • Three bus parks
  • Five accessible parks within the closest proximity to the facility entrance
  • Two pedestrian crossings
  • Shared roadway - pedestrians have right of way
  • Pathway along the riverbank connecting the shared path network
  • Preservation of the existing trees and the creation of a park to provide seating, open space and shade

Change Rooms

$827,000 has been allocated to upgrade the wet area, dry area and Raymond West change rooms. The upgrades will include new showers, basins, toilets, seating, hand dryers and a revamp of the internal floors, walls and ceilings.

Facility Renewal and Upgrades

$45,000 has been allocated for other facility renewals and upgrades at Aquamoves.

Pool Deck Resurfacing

$150,000 has been allocated to reseal the indoor pool deck to ensure a much safer surface for customers and reduce slips and falls. We are currently reviewing options for the best possible surface type.

Splash Park Shade Sail

$85,000 has been allocated for a shade sail to be installed over the Splash Park to provide shade for our users.

Utilities Savings Projects

One of the challenges of the 21st century is to achieve a greater synergy between technology and the environment. Aquamoves is currently working toward achieving this goal with $742,250 having been put toward the implementation of two exciting projects; Co-Gen and Bauer Mechanical Air Handling.

What is Co-Gen?
This project uses a cogeneration unit to convert natural gas into electricity by burning the gas in an engine which drives a generator to produce electricity. A by-product of this electricity production process is heat, which is then used to increase the temperature of the pools and pool hall.

What is the Bauer Mechanical Air Handling System?
The Mechanical Air Handling System heats fresh air to a temperature that is comfortable for pool users. Energy is saved by recycling, heating and filtering air that is usually wasted and circulating it back through the pool hall. Cold air is prevented from entering the pool hall by keeping the doors closed to create an air tight environment that allows the system to more efficiently maintain a comfortable temperature.

Combined, these projects will generate savings of $70,000 and 800 tonnes of CO² emissions per year. This is the equivalent of removing 168 passenger vehicles from the road and is amongst the biggest CO2 savings projects ever delivered by the Council!