May 2015 Update

Car Park Redevelopment

The tender for the ‘Aquamoves Car Park Construction' has been awarded to Jarvis Delahey Contractors (JDC). JDC are a locally based excavation and earthmoving company with excellent experience and expertise in developments similar to this project.

Staff will meet with JDC as soon as possible to undertake planning for the staged delivery of the construction. Specific information will be provided to members and patrons once the process is determined. We anticipate works to begin by mid-June.

Members and patrons are advised that during construction there will be a reduction in the number of car parks in close proximity to Aquamoves which will continue throughout the construction period. Contractors will undertake works to ensure that the maximum number of car parks can be provided at any one time, however this will cause inconvenience to members and patrons. We apologise for this inconvenience, however look forward to the completion of the project which will provide a greatly improved car park for members and patrons.

Information on how the construction will be staged as well as alternate parking options nearby to Aquamoves will be provided as soon as possible.

Notice boards showing the final layout of the car park (including the retention and preservation of the existing Red Gums) have been displayed on the temporary fencing in the car park and in the foyer area. All efforts have been made to maximise the number of parks, traffic flow and pedestrian safety in this design.

Change Rooms and Indoor Pool Concourse Upgrade

The tender for the design and construction of the ‘Aquamoves Change Rooms and Concourse Refurbishment' has been awarded to Crow Constructions. Based in Shepparton, Crow Constructions have the capacity and experience to carry out this significant and multifaceted project.

The first stage of the project will be to complete the design of all change rooms, which will be undertaken as soon as possible.

This will include the design of new ‘family change spaces' on pool deck where the lockers are currently located which will provide additional change areas for families and take some pressure off the existing family change rooms. This exciting new addition to the pool hall was identified at other large aquatic centres and we feel will provide great benefit to Aquamoves patrons.

The plan will be to undertake the refurbishment of the Dry Area Change Rooms and Raymond West Change Rooms (as Stage 1 of the project) between late July and the end of September, and the Wet Area Change Rooms and Indoor Concourse refurbishment (as Stage 2) between late November and the end of January.

During the refurbishment of the Dry Area Change Rooms, members and patrons will need to use the Wet Area Change Rooms, temporary onsite units, or shower/change at the home or office. We appreciate that this will be a change to member's routines, however the refurbishment period is planned to only be three to four weeks. We again apologise for any inconvenience that this may cause.

In order to undertake the refurbishment of the Wet Area Change Rooms and concourse, the indoor aquatic area will be shut down for the construction period. This is planned to be for approximately four weeks. Although this may cause inconvenience, works have been planned whilst the outdoor pool is available and also when there will be little or no impact on Learn To Swim programs.

Further details on how these works will impact facility operations will be communicated when possible.

Splash Park Shade Sail

The design and construction of the ‘Aquamoves Shade Sail' has been awarded to MakMax. MakMax is a world leading tensile membrane specialist in the design, fabrication and installation of fabric architecture. MakMax completed the design and construction of the existing shade sail at Aquamoves back in 2009, so it's great to have them on board again for this project.

The first stage will be to complete the design of the structure, with the aim of providing the most suitable shading of the south end of the Splash Park where the littlies run rampant and have a ball, and parents can watch from the seating or while relaxing on the grass under a tree.

Works will be undertaken in the off season when the Splash Park is closed.