Christmas Boot Camp

Combat the 'festive cheer' with Aquamoves' Christmas Boot Camp!

Starting Wednesday 5 December 2018

Aquamoves Christmas Boot Camp will help you lose weight, improve your health and reach peak physical fitness. The program has been designed to challenge your body and mind, pushing you to achieve your personal best and make sustainable changes.

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When, where, how long?

Venue: Aquamoves

Days: Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays starting Wednesday 5 December 2018

Time: 6.15am to 7.15am on all days

Duration: Wednesday 5 December to Friday 21 December 2018

Program Cost:
Aquamoves Members – $50
Non-members – $100

A Full Centre Aquamoves Membership (for non-members) is included in the price. 

The program includes:

  • Fun Boot Camp style workouts
  • A mixture of full-body and high energy workouts designed to strengthen and tone your body
  • Ongoing support from a qualified and dedicated trainer to keep you motivated
  • A closed supportive group environment
  • Workout ideas and nutrition tips
  • A full one hour fitness assessment
  • Fitness testing to monitor your results and track improvements
  • Access to our closed supportive Facebook group
  • A Full Centre Aquamoves Membership (for non-members)

Download a Boot Camp Application Form from below or collect one from Aquamoves Customer Service.

Make sure you ask our Customer Service Staff about our special membership offer on completion of Aquamoves Boot Camp.

Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of exercise techniques will be in the Boot Camp?
The program offers a range of activities including running, functional training exercises, push ups, sit ups, lunges, dips, team challenges, circuits, interval training, and boxing.

What do I need to bring to each session?
Workout clothes, sensible footwear, a towel, drink bottle and bathers.

Do I need to be fit to do Boot Camp?
Participants are grouped according to their fitness levels and all levels of fitness are catered for making the program suitable for beginners as well as advanced.

What sort of results will I get from doing Boot Camp?
The program may allow you to enjoy weight loss as well as increased fitness, energy and confidence.

Do I need to attend every session?
You will need to pay for all the sessions regardless of your attendance; however you can continue to do Boot Camp if you miss a scheduled session.

If sessions are done as a group, how many people will be in the group and will it be mixed genders?
All sessions are mixed gender and there will be a ratio of one instructor to 18 participants. For example, if the group had 30 people, there would be two instructors to help you on your fitness journey.

Will there be a weigh in?
There will be an individualised health assessment conducted at the beginning of the challenge which will help determine your goals for the six weeks. At the completion of the program you will have the opportunity to undergo a final assessment to track your progress and reset your goals post the Boot Camp. There is also an optional weekly weigh in to help keep you on track.

What qualifications do the instructors have?
Instructors are recruited from a range of fitness backgrounds to provide a varied and comprehensive program. The program is led by a team of qualified personal trainers with first aid and CPR qualifications.

Do I need to be a member of Aquamoves?
No. Everyone is welcome to join Boot Camp however Aquamoves Members are entitled to a discounted price.

Do I need a medical clearance before participating?
There will be a pre-screening questionnaire conducted when signing up. If any health issues are identified during this process, you may be required to obtain a medical clearance before participating. Aquamoves recommends all participants who are not accustomed to vigorous exercise to seek medical advice before commencing Boot Camp.