August 2015 Update

Earth Moving Works: Car Park Stage Two

A snapshot of redevelopment works occurring on Wednesday 26 August 2015.

Car park lights installed

Light poles have been installed in the newly redeveloped Stage One car park section.

These will increase both safety and visabilty during the darker hours of early morning and later at night.

We hope you agree that it is very exciting to see the different components of our car park redevelopment coming to light!

New garden

The new landscaping bordering Stage One of the car park redevelopment is coming along nicely!

Photos taken Wednesday 26 August 2015.

Dry area change rooms gutted

IMG 6275
Male change rooms; looking towards where the toilets and showers used to be.
IMG 6279
Female change rooms; looking toward where toilets and showers used to exist.
IMG 6278
Female change rooms; looking toward where sink and change area used to be.
IMG 6277
Female change rooms; looking toward change area and through to the male change rooms.

Our Dry Area change room refurbishment started on Thursday 20 August and progress has been swift with both the male and female change rooms already being gutted.

Works are expected to run through until Friday 23 October. The timeframe for works is reflective of anticipated issues that will be experienced in the internal walls due to corrosion and damage.

Car Park Redevelopment

Stage 1 - Open for use!  

We’re delighted to inform you that the Stage 1 parking areas are set to be open for use from this evening (Friday 14 August). 

In using the areas, please note the following:

  • The areas are not fully finished.  They have been completed to a useable condition, with compacted crushed rock and a primer seal. 
  • In October 2015, a layer of hot mix asphalt will be put over all stages of the car park at once, including these areas. 
  • Temporary line marking will be completed on Tuesday 18 August, so until then please park in relation to the kerb and be mindful of parking suitably and carefully for other people.
    ***Please note that these areas will be temporarily shut down for the day in order for the line marking to be completed.***
  • Please only park in the formalised, kerbed area – the area under the trees previously used for parking is no longer for vehicle access.

Jarvis Delahey Contractors (JDC) will now focus on Stage 2 of the project starting on Monday 17 August. This will require a significant section of the car parking to be shut down – running from the riverbank to the existing median strip.

Stage 2 will require changes to traffic directions and parking as follows:

  • The dual lane roadway will be shut down
  • South bound traffic are to travel as normal through the east lane to the roundabout
  • From the roundabout, north bound traffic will travel adjacent to the south bound lane, using the area that was previously 45 degree angle parks (as per the above diagram)

Once again we apologise for the inconvenience and thank you for your cooperation and patience.

Raymond West and Dry Area Change Rooms

We’re excited that the Dry Area change room refurbishment will start this week! 

Crow Constructions will set up the site including pedestrian access on Thursday 20 August and then start demolition.  The Dry Area change room works will run concurrently with the refurbishment of the Raymond West change rooms – so there’ll be plenty happening!

Works are expected to run from Thursday August 20 through until Friday 23 October.  The timeframe for works is reflective of anticipated issues that will be experienced in the internal walls due to corrosion and damage.    

Please be aware the works to the Dry Area change rooms will impact patrons in the following ways:

  • The Dry Area change rooms will be closed for the duration of works.
  • Access to the crèche will continue as normal, although the hallway will be a bit tighter as half of it will be cordoned off for works.
  • Access to the studio and RPM rooms for group fitness classes will be through the gym via the ‘assessment office’ (as shown in the diagram above).
  • The wet area toilets and change rooms will be available for use by patrons who would normally use the Dry Area change rooms. **Please be courteous in your use of the Family Wet Area change rooms by ensuring they are left available for those persons who require accessible toilets and showers.**
  • Temporary toilets will be located outside to the north of the group fitness studios (as shown below).  We apologise for the distance that the toilets are from the centre, however unfortunately it was the closest we could position them.

We also apologise for the inconvenience that these works will cause.  You may prefer to temporarily change your routine and shower/change at home or at work until the Dry Area works are complete.

Thank you for your cooperation.