April 2015 Update

Car Park Redevelopment

Sean and Tim (Aquamoves Operations) with the new Aquamoves Car Park design

Information boards showing the final layout of the car park have been displayed on the car park's temporary fencing and in the Aquamoves entry for members and patrons to view.

All efforts have been made to maximise the number of parks, traffic flow and pedestrian safety in this design.

The tender for the ‘Aquamoves Car Park Construction' closed on Wednesday April 15.

Staff will be diligently evaluating submissions over the next fortnight, with the aim of awarding the tender in May and we anticipate works to begin by late June.

Change Rooms Upgrade

The tender for the design and construction of the ‘Aquamoves Change Rooms and Concourse Refurbishment' will close on Wednesday April 22. Staff will undertake a thorough evaluation of this and we expect to award the tender in May.

The plan will be to undertake the refurbishment of the Dry Area Change Rooms and Raymond West Change Rooms (Stage 1) between late July and the end of September, and the Wet Area Change Rooms and Indoor Concourse refurbishment (Stage 2) between late November and the end of January.

Details on how these works will impact facility operations will be communicated when possible.

Splash Park Shade Sail

The quotation request for the design and construction of the ‘Aquamoves Shade Sail' closed on Wednesday April 22. Following this, staff will evaluate the quotations and award the works to the successful contractor soon after.

The first stage will be to complete the design of the structure, with the aim of providing the most suitable shade covering for the south end of the Splash Park. This is where the littlies run rampant and have a ball, and where parents can watch from the seating or while relaxing on the grass under a tree.

The plan will be to undertake the works in the off season when the Splash Park is closed.